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What are people saying?

“I like the concept of [the three points] strategy and feel that it can be easily implemented in a number of different areas, i.e. sales, interviewing, etc. I think the course was produced and planned well. I appreciate that Shelly has the ability to keep her audience engaged… Very impressed!”

– Bridget S.


“This online course will give any student or young adult an edge when interviewing for college admissions, scholarships, internships, or jobs. The training forces you to take the time to think about what sets you apart and how you can share that in a memorable way. The course also provides tools to work on your daily communication skills and hold yourself accountable to practice. I highly recommend this course!”

– Joan S.


“I hope you do you many more [courses]. It is a very distinctive and effective resource that is both affordable and gives you solid tools to work on.”

– Aleen H.